Residential building Puchsbaumgasse, 1100 Vienna

With an unconventional housing concept for social mixing, we won the developer competition in Puchsbaumgasse in the 10th district as part of the project team with gerner°gerner plus and transparadiso.

With the new residential quarter on the Anker-Gründen, we are taking our cue from the successful concept of the "Ankerbrotfabrik". We want to develop this idea further, both in terms of urban development and concept. To this end, we are linking up with the "Anker Boulevard", which will extend into the new quarter.

In addition to approximately 215 subsidized rental apartments, a residence hall with 180 micro-apartments and the associated communal facilities for students and refugees is being built. With this low-cost form of housing, we are making an important contribution to housing provision and enabling the integration of the people living there into our society. In micro-apartments and shared flats, trainees can be looked after and employed by Jugend am Werk. In workshops on site, those works are created which are then offered for sale in a design shop.

For the care of senior citizens by Caritas, we are planning 20 barrier-free apartments in which residents can be cared for according to their individual needs. With microlofts, we create an ideal connection between working and living spaces for the location. The overheight work area with inserted living gallery can be used flexibly.

Project facts

Location: Puchsbaumgasse 1, 1100 Vienna

Contest win: 2017
Start of construction: 2022


Social cooperation partner :
Caritas and Jugend am Werk
Landscape design:
Yewo Landscapes
Buschina & Partner ZT GmbH
Building physics:
Dr. Pfeiler ZT GmbH
Building physics/fire protection:
Erich Röhrer ZT GmbH
HTB Plan
Partner architects:
gerner gerner plus