Jubilee Fountain, 1100 Vienna

Together with the Gelatin artists' group, we built a fountain in Helmut Zilk Park to mark 150 years of Viennese water

Gelatin's 150 Years of Vienna Water Anniversary Fountain celebrates the water that belongs to us Viennese. Our water, our responsibility. This means that it is we who must look after our water and literally hold it together so that it remains our water in the future. The edge of the fountain is a circle of people all moving together, close together, to hold the water together. The central fountain splashes 7 meters high, and the figures also splash water or donate drinking water.

The bodies of the 33 figures were sculpted from concrete by the artists and cast on site. The circle has an inner diameter of 7.50 meters. The figures sit very close and naturally on the level of the square. The large fountain chamber with the water technology is hidden beneath the technically dense pool floor.

Project facts

Venue: Helmut-Zilk-Park, Hlawkagasse, Vienna


Group of artists:
Buschina & Partner
Master builder:
Technical office Ing. Erich Strommer
Sewer planning:
DI Trugina & Partner

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